All business models are subject to risks, whether they are internal or external. Global Being process begins Phase 1 with a 1-day analysis of your business model, followed by 1-week design risk strategy in Phase 2. Once we've identified your strategy we engage in a 1-month Process & Technology Implementation cycle to complete Phase 3. Phase 4 begins the Development of Workforce Competency lasting the quarter, and concludes in Phase 5 for Support of Executive Decisions in the year to follow.



Analyze business model
Global Being identifies, assesses, and prioritizes your risks by seeking to understand your business model and evironment.



Design risk strategy
Global being designs solutions that help mitigate your risks with comprehensive research and subject matter expert consultation.



Implement process & technology
Global Being leads your risk management program through policy development, workforce training, and technical integration.



Develop workforce competency
Global Being supports your continous improvement through performance monitoring, status reporting, and strategic planning..



Support executive decisions
Global Being coaches your team through planning, response, and recovery of any business interuption.